Connecting students and teachers to STEM professionals and careers is a central strategy to Mass STEM Hub’s Project Lead The Way (PLTW) initiative. These authentic industry experiences expand programming beyond the four walls of the classroom and help increase student aptitude for, and interest in STEM. Mass STEM Hub is seeking industry partners to help provide rich experiences for students and shape the STEM leaders of the future.

By the time U.S. students reach high school, only 28% declare an interest in STEM related fields, suggesting we lose access to roughly three-quarters of the talent pipeline before the age of 15. Of those who do express interest, more than half will lose interest over the course of high school.

Mass STEM Hub partners with schools to implement high-quality, applied learning programs. Mass STEM Hub’s first initiative is to support schools’ adoption and quality implementation of Project Lead The Way. Mass STEM Hub provides programming to extend the pathways of PLTW beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a premier STEM curriculum and teacher training provider with a proven ability to dramatically shift classroom practice to improve students’ interest and aptitude in STEM. PLTW has a full K-12 offering in engineering, computer science, and biomedical science.