Tools and Resources

Mass STEM Hub is here to offer resources to help you strengthen your impact for students as you prepare them for careers in the 21st century.

PLTW Learning Teams

Learning Teams create space for PLTW teachers to connect, talk about their practice and drive their own learning. Teams are led by Community Leads who are MA PLTW teachers who coordinate the learning team, plan events and help the team connect virtually and in person. Click here to learn more!

Open Classroom Visits

 PLTW Gateway: DM & AR

Sandwich STEM Academy

365 Quaker Meeting House Road, Sandwich, MA

 Hosted by Ginger Lavelle

Tuesday, December 11th 8:30am-11:30am


PLTW Launch

West Brookfield Elementary School

89 North Main Street, West Brookfield, MA

 Hosted by Nick Frank

Wednesday, December 12th 8:45am-11:30am


PLTW Biomedical  Science

Plymouth South High School

490 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA

 Hosted by Jess Meade

Wednesday, December 12th 8:30am-11:30am


PLTW Gateway: AR

Stoneham Central Middle School

101 Central Street, Stoneham, MA

 Hosted by Ashley Puopolo

Thursday, December 13th 8:30am-11:30am


PLTW Launch

Woodland Elementary School

10 N. Vine Street, Milford, MA

 Hosted by Wendy Marino

Friday, December 14th 9:30am-1:45pm

Modules Presented: Programming Patterns (Gr. 3), Stability and Motion: Science of Flight 9 (Gr. 3); Input/Output: Computer Systems (Gr. 4), Energy: Conversions (Gr. 4); Robotics and Automation (Gr. 5), Infection: Detection (Gr. 5)


PLTW Gateway: CSIM

Kuss Middle School

52 Globe Mills Ave, Fall River, MA

 Hosted by Keith Michon

Monday, December 17th 2:00pm-4:30pm


PLTW Gateway: DM

Randolph Community Middle School 

 225 High St, Randolph, MA

 Hosted by Chakara Cardillo

Tuesday, December 18th 8:00am-1:00pm

Mass STEM Hub PLTW Dashboards

We are committed to increasing access and ensuring high quality programs for students across the Commonwealth.  To support schools implementation of PLTW and in the spirit of continuous improvement, Mass STEM Hub has created program dashboards for all PLTW schools in MA.  See a short PPT about the dashboards here and reach out to Katherine ( for your log-in information to view your dashboard.  Note: Dashboards are available for all schools that offered PLTW during the 2017-18 school year.  New schools will be added this spring.

Opportunity for Graduate Credit

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) offers graduate credit to PLTW middle school and high school engineering teachers for core training.  Learn more and see if you quality here. 

PLTW Schools in MA

Looking to see which schools in MA offer PLTW?  Click here to see a map of Massachusetts schools on the PLTW website.  Want to get in touch with a school to set up a tour or talk with a leader?  Email the Mass STEM Hub team – we are happy to help!

PLTW Course Codes

All PLTW classes K-12 now have course codes in the student information systems.  Please use these codes when scheduling your students. Ensuring accurate enrollment data is critical to our work supporting PLTW schools across the state.  If you have any trouble finding the codes in your data system, please get in touch with the Mass STEM Hub team.  The high school codes are the same as the national codes which can be accessed here.

Mass STEM Hub Teacher Coaching Opportunities!

Learn about in-person teacher coaching for PLTW teachers! A PLTW Master Teacher provides one-on-one coaching and comes in the fall and spring to provide feedback. Coaches are also available for on-going feedback throughout the year.

Massachusetts Project Lead The Way Facebook Community
Join fellow MA PLTW educators on the MA specific PLTW Facebook Community page! Share classroom successes, questions, and more with other MA PLTW educators.

Standards Crosswalk

Coming Soon!

Fail Forward Poster

Download a Mass STEM Hub poster for your classroom!

Transportation Grants

Need funding for field trip transportation? Below are various grant opportunities for bus funding that can be used to attend Mass STEM Hub events.

Big Yellow School Bus: Any K-12 school in Massachusetts is eligible to apply for a $250 grant to be used during the 2018-2019 school year.

State Farm Community Grants: Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.

NEA Grant Opportunities: The NEA provides various grants that can be used for field trip funding.

Walmart Foundation Community Grants: Grant amounts awarded between $250 and $5,000. 

Additional Funding Opportunities

Looking for additional funding opportunities for your STEM programs? Click the names below to learn more about each individual opportunity. We will share additional opportunities each month.