About Mass STEM Hub

Our mission

We provide schools with access to and support for applied learning that builds the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in our rapidly changing, data-rich world.

Why applied learning?

Applied learning is engaging, develops 21st century skills, makes learning relevant, and works for all kids.

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What we do

Best-in-class programs

We work to support implementation of best-in-class applied learning and STEM programs with proven results in classrooms across Massachusetts, in parallel with grants from the One8 Foundation. We work with programs such as Project Lead The Way, a K-12 STEM curriculum based in applied learning, and STMath, a visual math program for elementary students that builds foundational math skills.

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Educator community

Educators are key to student success. Mass STEM Hub works side-by-side with teachers and leaders, providing relevant professional development, vibrant learning communities, and unique opportunities to connect with industry professionals that enhance hands-on classrooms and student understanding.

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Industry engagement

Students should be able to answer the eternal question of “Why am I learning this?” Connecting with industry professionals is a missing link to bringing learning alive to demonstrate how what is learned in the classroom is used to solve real world problems, Mass STEM Hub provides skills-based volunteer opportunities for professionals looking to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

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One8 Foundation Logo

Mass STEM Hub is a program of the One8 Foundation. The One8 Foundation believes that an outstanding education should be available to all, regardless of zip code. Mass STEM Hub is the implementation team within the One8 Foundation that supports schools in high-quality implementation of proven STEM and applied learning programs.

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Meet the Mass STEM Hub team

Meet the Team