Educator Signup- STEM Week Challenge Showcase

Register for this event by October 5th.

Primary Contact/ Lead Chaperone

The professional learning is designed for teachers who will implement the challenge with their students. District and school leaders are welcome to join as context.

Start typing to search list.

Start typing to search list.

Start typing to search list. Make sure your district is selected before searching your school

Note: Student teams include at least two students; students who worked on the STEM Week Challenge individually are not invited to the Showcase due to capacity constraints.

If additional space becomes available, we will contact you about the opportunity to bring additional student teams.

Careers in STEM

To recruit the best industry judges for the Showcase, we would like to know which industries you think your students might explore through the STEM Week Challenge.  Please select the types of careers that are likely to be relevant to your students' projects.

Leave blank if unknown at this time.

Leave blank if unknown at this time.

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Are your students participating in the STEM Week Challenge? They have the opportunity to present their projects to STEM professionals from across the Commonwealth for authentic feedback and networking! Cap off STEM Week by giving students the chance to take pride in their hard work and practice the networking skills with industry professionals from across the Commonwealth. STEM professionals in a wide range of fields are so excited to hear students’ pitches that answer the question, “How can we prepare and inspire people in Massachusetts to pursue STEM careers that have the greatest potential for impact?”

Registration details: Each school is invited to register two teams to present their projects.  Teams must include multiple students (i.e. individual projects are not eligible for the showcase).  On the registration form educators will be asked if they would like to bring additional teams; if space is available, we will invite additional teams on a first come first serve basis. We will ask for your contact info for all chaperones, school, grade level, transportation plans, and the numbers of teams (1 or 2) that you plan to bring.

Detailed agenda

9:00       Registration and set up

9:30       Opening remarks

9:45       Showcase Students present their projects to professionals and have the chance to view other projects from

11:30    Industry panel & awards

12:30    Dismissal (and lunch to go)

Additional info: Find more information, including what students should bring to the showcase, parking, FAQs and more HERE