Online Industry Challenge

Online Industry Challenge All-Call

Get industry expert feedback - submit your work by November 25th.

Submission form opens in September (Link opens in a new tab)
Gateway and High School PLTW students as well as STEM Week Challenge participants can submit work before Thanksgiving break to receive authentic feedback from STEM professionals.

Check out the suggested PLTW projects and submission items here. Beyond those, any PLTW project that would benefit from industry expert feedback can be submitted. You’ll need to submit the primary project artifact as well as the project rubric, and ideally a brief explanation of the tackled challenge.

STEM Week Challenge participants that did not submit their projects for the October 23rd deadline can also submit to the All-Call. You can find details on submission requirements embedded in your STEM Week Challenge curriculum materials.

STEM professionals from across MA excited to share their expertise and experience with you and your students! All submitted projects will receive feedback. Additionally, each teachers who has students submit projects will have the opportunity to be connected with a STEM professional in January to set up a virtual classroom visit, in which they’ll share more about their job and career path, and answer student questions.


  1. late September

    Submission site opens

  2. midnight, November 25

    Submission deadline

Sign-up as a virtual judge by November 23rd.

Judge Sign-Up Form (Link opens in a new tab)

Spend a few hours engaging with students across the Commonwealth, reviewing and providing written feedback on their work to help bring classwork to life and inspire students to see themselves as future STEM professionals!

Applied learning this year is going to be more challenging than ever, so we’re providing flexible industry engagement opportunities for our middle and high school Project Lead The Way students, and those who participated in the STEM Week Challenge. Students will submit their solutions to challenges tackled in class for feedback from you – STEM professionals! We expect projects encompassing a range of disciplines along three pathways: engineering, computer science and biomedical science.


  1. November 23

    Registration deadeline

  2. midnight, November 25

    Student prototype submission deadline

  3. December 1

    Judging period begins

    You'll receive an email with your assigned projects for review and judging guidelines
  4. 5 pm, December 11

    Judging deadline

    Deadline to submit all your feedback and scores on student projects