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STEM Week Challenge Industry Feedback

Get industry expert feedback - submit your work by October 23rd.

Submission form opens in September (Link opens in a new tab)

At the end of the STEM Week Challenge, submit student work to receive authentic feedback from STEM professionals.  They’re excited to share their expertise and experience with you and your students!

You can find details on submission requirements embedded in your STEM Week Challenge curriculum materials.

Learn more about the STEM Week Challenge here.


  1. late September

    Submission site open

  2. midnight, October 23

    Submission deadline

The registration deadline for this event has passed.

This fall, students will be tackling real-world problem connected to the largest STEM challenge of our time: COVID-19, through the STEM Week Challenge.

Spend a few hours during the judging period (Oct 26-Nov 6) providing written feedback to students about their submitted work and helping select the top projects.

Our research shows that receiving expert feedback from an authentic audience of industry professionals is hugely motivating to students and impactful as they picture themselves as future STEM professionals. Judging is done totally on your schedule, all through the online portal.

Challenges Overview:

  • Grades 9-12: students apply lessons of virus spread, mitigation techniques and design thinking to develop an app to help their community slow the spread of COVID
  • Grades 6-8: students apply learnings about the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and the engineering design process to design an adaptation to an everyday task for persons with paralysis
  • Grades K-5: students develop a viral game that not only employs fundamental math skills but also overcomes some of the isolation we’ve been facing due to COVID

Learn more about the STEM Week Challenge here.


  1. September 14

    Registration deadeline

  2. midnight, October 23

    Student prototype submission deadline

  3. October 26

    Judging period begins

    You'll receive an email with your assigned projects for review and judging guidelines
  4. 5 pm, November 6

    Judging deadline

    Deadline to submit all your feedback and scores on student projects