Industry All Call Teacher Survey

Virtual Classroom Visitor - Contact Information

Please provide the best contact information so that we can connect you to a Virtual Classroom Visitor in January. By sharing the number of class sections that participated, we can make sure to connect you with enough professionals that each class can get a visitor. You will be assigned one volunteer for each classroom. However, if you'd prefer to have fewer volunteers, please let us know. Thanks!
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Please let us know if there are any special considerations you would like us to take into account as we connect you with an industry volunteer. For example, is there a professional background that would be particularly interesting to your students?


Please take a few moments to share feedback about your experience submitting student work for industry feedback through our Online Industry Challenge.

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Overall experience
Quality of industry feedback received
The opportunity to connect with a Virtual Classroom Visitor
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The amount of time provided for submission
Ease of use of the online submission platform
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