Create space for PLTW teachers to connect, talk about their practice and drive their own learning

WHY JOIN A LEARNING TEAM? To collaborate, learn and celebrate with other PLTW educators. 

  • Connect with a highly collaborative, innovative educator culture beyond just your school
  • Talk about your practice and work with peers to solve problems
  • Have a forum to offer honest feedback on what you think and need
  • Learn about student & teacher PLTW programming (e.g. student events, PD, industry connections)

HOW DO TEAMS WORK? Teams are organized & led by teachers. Teams set their own goals and decide how to work. 

  • Teams consist of 15-20 PLTW educators who teach the same PLTW program and/or course
  • A Community Lead is a MA PLTW teacher who coordinates the learning team, plans events and helps the team connect virtually and in person
  • Teams set their own goals and decide together on the best way to collaborate



Learning Teams Programming

Community Leads will open up their classrooms to their learning teams as a way to share and learn teaching best practices  for PLTW courses.
WPI will host a spring professional development day for PLTW teachers to come together for continued learning as a community.

Ready to Join?