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Take your OpenSciEd implementation from good to great with these resources!

OpenSciEd engages students as scientists with hands-on relevant inquiry based lessons so students can understand the world around them.

With driving question boards, scientist circles, and 3D assessments — students lead the inquiry process in their classrooms. It is a big shift. Use these resources as you make the important instructional pivots in OSE’s innovative approach.

  • A commitment to learn alongside students:

    OSE is a big change from “business as usual” and will require teachers to learn and grow just as their students do as they test new cutting edge approaches to science instruction.

  • An investment in professional learning:

    Professional learning is critical to ensuring educators understand the curriculum’s pedagogical shifts and feel well equipped to implement

  • Embracing discourse in the classroom:

    OSE units are centered on an anchoring phenomenon designed to elicit and feed student curiosity. Units are driven forward by students’ ideas, questions and classroom discussion

  • Collaboration with other educators:

    Getting started with OSE can be daunting. Resources such as one-on-one coaching and Learning Teams with other Massachusetts educators can help teachers feel confident to hit the ground running

Professional learning for teachers


OpenSciEd’s unit-specific professional learning is critical to effectively implementing this cutting edge curriculum. OSE is effective because it is not just a new curriculum; it is a new philosophy. The training ensures that teachers have the understanding and skills they need to incorporate the philosophical changes necessary to help students reach sensemaking. Reach out to learn more about upcoming trainings.


Work side-by-side with an experienced OpenSciEd Teacher to hone in on the cutting edge instructional approach of OSE — prep a consensus discussion, debrief your latest scientist circle or get help thinking through your driving question board. OSE may demand that students take the lead in the inquiry process, but that just ups the ante for educators. Get one-on-one personalized coaching to make the shift!

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Learning Teams:

Join a teacher-led, regionally-organized, collaborative community of Massacusetts OpenSciEd Teachers. Facilitating an OSE classroom is exhilarating, but can also be daunting – get together (virtually, this year!) with other OSE teachers to reflect and share around problems of practice and challenges in your classroom.

Why join a Learning Team?

  • OSE is brand new — work with other educators to unpack the new content
  • Facilitating student discussion and encouraging scientific writing with middle schoolers can be tricky — get best practices from peers
  • Pacing is tight — discuss with other teachers how they are planning and balancing standards
  • Hearing students figure it out and talk like scientists is pretty cool — share insights and reflections with your colleagues

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Check out additional resources for all STEM educators, such as:

  • STEM Career videos to use in your classroom
  • Transportation grant opportunities
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