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Industry Connections

STEM Week Challenge

Educators: Connect with STEM Professionals!

You and your students are invited to engage with industry professionals during the 2020 STEM Week Challenge. These interactions are a great way to motivate students, connect the work they’re doing in class to what is taking place in companies all around them, and help them recognize their own grown knowledge and abilities.

As your students explore, question, learn, and build, encourage them to take their work one step further by:

Ask an Expert Forum

posting questions to STEM professionals via the Ask an Expert Forum. These questions will be answered by industry experts from a variety of organizations, including exhibit designers from the New England Aquarium, engineers from Dell Technologies, designers from IBM, epidemiologists from Partners in Health, and more. The forum will be available starting in late September and run throughout STEM Week until Friday, October 23rd. You are encouraged to share questions as well as successes and examples.

students on computer

Online Challenge Portal

submitting their prototypes through the Online Challenge Portal for authentic feedback. All submitted work will receive written feedback by industry experts and be eligible to win prizes. Review the submission expectations for each challenge in your teacher guide and ensure the work has been uploaded by midnight on Friday, October 23rd.

Industry professionals: Share your expertise!

Spend a few hours engaging with teachers and students, responding to their questions as they tackle the STEM Week Challenge or providing written feedback on their prototypes. Connecting with you brings their classwork to life and helps them see themselves as future STEM professionals!

Throughout October students will be tackling the following real-world problems connected to the largest STEM challenge of our time – the spread of COVID-19 and the heightened difficulties and isolation it has caused – and would love your help. Check out the challenges and volunteering opportunities below!

  • High School students are applying lessons of virus spread, contract tracing and design thinking to design an app to help their community slow the spread of COVID
  • Middle School students are applying learnings of anatomy and physiology of the nervous system and the engineering design process to develop an adaptation to an everyday task for persons with paralysis
  • Elementary School students are applying their problem-solving skills to create a viral math game that not only employs fundamental math skills but also overcomes some of the isolation we’ve been facing due to COVID

Thank you to our industry partners!


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