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Fall 2022

STEM Week Challenge

The Challenge

In this STEM Week Challenge, students will research an in-demand STEM career that interests them AND reach out to professionals in those fields.  Our goal is to create the space for students to understand how the demand for certain careers is changing and what types of opportunities there will be in the future.

What does the challenge include?

  • 10-hours of instructional content and robust student and teacher facing materials
  • High-quality teacher professional learning (PL) to support implementation
  • Resources for networking with industry professionals to help students learn more about careers and practice network-building
  • In-person showcase event at the end of STEM Week to provide authentic audience for students’ work

Watch this short video to learn more.

How to participate

Professional Learning

Teachers - Sign up for PL today!

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Sign up for the STEM Week Challenge 2022 Student Showcase Today!

Are your students participating in the STEM Week Challenge? They have the opportunity to present their projects to STEM professionals from across the Commonwealth for authentic feedback and networking! Cap off STEM Week by giving students the chance to take pride in their hard work and practice the networking skills with industry professionals from across the Commonwealth. STEM professionals in a wide range of fields are so excited to hear students’ pitches that answer the question, “How can we prepare and inspire people in Massachusetts to pursue STEM careers that have the greatest potential for impact?”

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Why this challenge?

  • It's meaningful

    Students can’t pursue what they can’t see — the STEM Week Challenge connects what students are learning in class to in-demand, impactful careers they they may never have even heard of before. 

  • It addresses an urgent equity issue

    With more than 50% of jobs come from personal connections, the STEM Week Challenge aims to help students develop the relationship building skills and networks needed to find future success. Watch researcher Julia Freeland Fisher explain the importance of supporting students to develop their personal networks here

  • It's engaging

    We’ve partnered with PBLWorks, experts on designing and facilitating high-quality project based learning (PBL) for all classrooms.  The STEM Week Challenge experience is an easy way to provide students with a PBL experience that engages them in a real-world and personally meaningful project.

  • It's flexible

    We know how precious instructional time is. We are working with PBLWorks to make sure that the 10 hours of content can support instruction across multiple content areas by highlighting real-world career connections. Are you a Project Lead The Way teacher? Guidance provided may reduce the instructional hours needed.

  • It's supported

    Educators have more on their plates than ever. The STEM Week Challenge will provide you with high-quality, engaging content to implement with your students. PBLWorks will provide training, student facing materials, and a teacher guide. Plus, you’ll have the support of Mass STEM Hub to help you along the way!

  • It's free!

    There is no cost to participate. By signing up, you will receive free teacher training, free digital student materials and teacher resources, and more.

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