Students, continue to develop your skills as future scientists by participating in        Mass STEM Hub’s Virtual Design Challenge! Here you will find a design brief for the challenge. You will design the best prototype and upload photos and videos of your result. Designs will be judged by industry professionals and winners will be announced after each challenge.


Mass STEM Hub Virtual Challenge Overview

Each month Mass STEM Hub will post a new design challenge. You will use the engineering design process from your Project Lead The Way classes to create the best prototype and upload photos and videos of your result. As you have learned, the best designs come testing and refining your designs and sharing your ideas with others for feedback.


On the first Monday of every month, the design brief for the challenge will be posted. You will have until the last day of that month to upload your entry form and photos or videos of your project.

Virtual Design Challenge Process:

1)  New challenge posted on the 1st of the month!

2)  Students download the design brief and entry form.

3)  Students get to work! Using what you learned about the engineering design process, design your prototype. Test and refine your prototype! Remember, the best engineers fail forward. Your first prototype may not be perfect but continue to create solutions for the problems that might arise.

4)  Students submit entry form and any pictures and videos of your final product by the last day of the month.

5)  A panel of industry judges review submitted designs.

6)  A winners will be announced during the second week of the following month and prizes will be sent to your school. Follow the links below to read a rubric and what makes a good project.

Virtual Design Challenge Rubric (PDF)

Virtual Design Challenge Entry Form (PDF)

Virtual Design Challenge October 2017 (PDF)

Current Challenge
October 2017

Click here to view the design brief.


Winners will receive a Virtual Design Challenge champion t-shirt and a special surprise!